Personal chef & catering services

"Edo ergo sum"

It was a journey of love...

Agnieszka Harkins spent the first decade of her professional life trying out different trades while searching for her true calling.  From a radio DJ and a journalist she moved on to marketing and then sales.  Next, she left her motherland, Poland, bound for America, where eventually she tapped into the TV world in Los Angeles.

Suddenly, the world as she knew it ended when she met her life partner, fell in love, and realized that all she wanted to do was create beautiful meals to spoil her man.  Agnieszka's food adventures began!

In the years that followed, Agnieszka completed culinary training in Los Angeles followed by stages in a number of renowned LA restaurants including the highly acclaimed ANIMAL.  She started a successful business focusing on providing personal chef services to some of Hollywood's most elite households, and meal delivery services to working professionals across LA.

Today, Agnieszka brings all her passion for food and her cooking expertise to 

a city where food lovers unite, Austin!  She takes advantage of the abundance of high quality local ingredients and appreciates Austin's demand for the best food money can buy.

"I just love to feed people" says the girl who as a child would pull out a cook book for kids and surprise her mother with stuffed eggs or a boat sandwich for supper.  "I still feel like that 8 year old every time I serve food and wait for that first sign of joy amongst the guest at the table."