just a pinch of news

july 2013


PINCH ME AUSTIN! Though you're not dreaming! We announce the month of July as the Month of Giving! Every new client that you refer earns you a Basket of Homemade Goodies delivered straight to your door! Make sure we know who you are.

july 8TH


JUST A PINCH, Personal Chef & Catering Services launches in Austin. May the feast begin!

Personal chef & catering services

You have arrived to a place where Mind, Heart and Belly have the opportunity to find eternal bliss and

serenity. Our one goal is to help you find equilibrium in life by providing a balance of comfort,

nutrition, and sustenance in the form of fresh food. We make every effort to work with Mother

Nature to source seasonal, locally produced ingredients that are minimally touched by the corporate bugaboos.

From simple, family style gatherings to sophisticated events, we have just what it takes.

"Edo ergo sum"

july 2013

JUST A PINCH & DAI DUE? That's absolutely true in that Agnieszka is doing a stage with chef Jesse Griffiths! What a better introduction to the Austin's food world?!

summer 2013

PINCH A INCH! Chef Agnieszka committed to slimming down this summer by gorging on seasonal fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Carbohydrates are allowed occasionally  and in small amounts. And a glass of wine becomes a weekend treat. Get inspired! Fewer pounds will help you beat the heat.